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  • Cryptos accepted:

    Welcome Bonus




    Most popular UK Casino


    • Players from India Accepted
    • Impressive selection of games
    • Modern and user-friendly design


    • Online since:2005
    • License:MGA
    • Min deposit:50
    • Min withdraw:50


    • Bonus:150
    • Bonus (%):100
    • Free Spins:50
    • Wagering:x20
  • Cryptos accepted:

    Welcome Bonus

    150% Welcome Bonus



    Offering a generous welcome bonus offer, this is the fastest growing crypto casino site.


    • Anonymous (no registration needed)
    • Instant payments
    • Players from India Accepted
    • Generous free spins offer
    • Easy to navigate
    • Impressive selection of games
    • Modern and user-friendly design


    • Online since:2021
    • License:Curacao
    • Min deposit:10
    • Min withdraw:50


    • Bonus:150% + 60 Free Spins
    • Bonus (%):150
    • Free Spins:65
    • Wagering:x20

Crypto Casinos – The Future Of Gambling

Onlinecasinocrypto is your number one roadmap to safely navigating the world of crypto casinos. Here, we make sure you get nothing short of the best services from these next-level gambling platforms.

Our help comes in the form of guides, reviews, and thorough evaluations of crypto casinos. Apart from the casino reviews, we also have bonus guides for free spins, free bets, lotto, poker, and several other crypto bonuses. To cap it up, we will also show you how to easily buy cryptocurrencies for your gambling.

Most importantly, each of our crypto casino guides and reviews is tailored by industry experts for both beginners and expert crypto gamblers.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start, you are already here! Keep scrolling as we enlighten you on crypto gambling in general and also the criteria casinos must pass before we can review them. You will also learn how to choose your crypto wallets and protect yourself in the crypto gambling space. Be sure to stay until the end as we will show you how to put it all together in your journey. Enjoy!

Crypto Casinos – The Origins

The name gives it away – crypto casinos are online casinos that operate primarily on cryptocurrencies. While some accept only transactions in bitcoin (bitcoin casinos), others allow multiple cryptos like Ethereum, litecoin and so on. Some also offer a hybrid of cryptos with normal currencies and we have guides on all of them.

Don’t get it confused, bitcoin and other crypto casinos don’t have any exclusively different mode of operation compared to your traditional casinos, the only difference is the ability to wager with cryptos. In online crypto casinos, these digital currencies have been amplified beyond a mere payment method alone; they are now the main part of your gambling. And the good thing? You gamble with crypto, your wins are also in crypto!

The first cryptocurrency casino started in 2012, taking after the biggest crypto at that time—Bitcoin. It didn’t receive the best reception from gamblers because people found it weird to play in a casino without registration. Before then, they had to go through hectic registration processes before they could start playing any casino games. But these new bitcoin casinos only needed a BTC wallet, allowing players to play any game of choice using bitcoin—without any registration.

Over time, many new casinos came into the limelight with this next-level innovation and players finally gave them the welcome they deserved. With time, popular casinos that offered normal currencies started accepting bitcoin and later, other cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals.

Fast forward to today, crypto casinos are 100% legal and fully recognized in the gambling industry. They offer the same level of games and bonuses just like your old-school casinos so why not take good advantage of them? The choice is yours to decide.

Pros Of Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling brought about some unseen advantages in the industry and that is what prompted the mass switch to cryptocurrencies. What are these pros? Let’s consider them:


Before the emergence of crypto gambling, players had to input a plethora of details before they could sign up for any online casino. While some players were fine with it, others were uncomfortable. Then crypto casinos came along and changed the game. Crypto casinos don’t demand excessive information because they don’t need it. After all, your wallet does not carry your name.

In fact, you will find several bitcoin casinos that only need your wallet address. All they do is give you a username and password and you are in.

This level of anonymity has never been witnessed in the industry before. For many, gambling without revealing much of your personal information is a dream come true.


Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and it also extends to bitcoin and other crypto casinos. What it implies is that there is no central authority that monitors and controls your funds. It means they cannot impose transaction limits and bans; everything is in the hands of the casino. Imagine a place where you can stake a huge sum without the fear of bans—that is the reality of crypto casinos. The only reason why crypto casinos may impose limits is to prevent money laundering; but still, the limits are relatively large.

Swift Payments

If you use normal online casinos, you will already be used to waiting for days to get your withdrawals—that is the norm. But what if we told you that you could get your profits on the same day you process your withdrawals? Sounds impossible right? Well, that is one of the flexes of online bitcoin and crypto casinos.

Since the money does not pass through any central authority, there are no unnecessary delays. The only possible delay comes from crypto casino processing your money and once it is successful, you will have it in your wallet immediately.

Zero Restrictions

In normal casinos, there is always one restriction or the other. If it is not a geographical restriction, it will be a transaction restriction. Players have gotten so used to it that when they hear about crypto casinos with very minimal restrictions, they find it hard to believe.

Well, if you didn’t believe it before, take it from us – crypto casinos have zero to very minimal restrictions. Just like there is no central authority controlling the transactions, they also have no stronghold on the geographical restrictions of crypto casinos.

Cons Of Crypto Gambling

While crypto gambling has done very well in the past years, it also has its minor downsides. And like everything else, every good thing comes with its disadvantages. So let’s consider some cons of gambling in crypto casinos.

No Reversals

Crypto wallets don’t work like bank accounts so there is no room for mistakes. If you sent the money to the wrong bank account, there is a chance for a cashback or reversal since you can track it. But with crypto wallets, once the transaction is confirmed, it is gone. One of the reasons is that wallets are not affiliated with names or any other personal details—that is the point of its decentralization.

Unforeseen Volatility

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and they all have individual price charts to show their movements. And while these movements may benefit you sometimes, they may also go against you some other times. We like to call it a double-edged sword.

If the price level were to drop between when you deposit to when you withdraw, it may lose value. On the bright side, if you use bitcoin casinos, it won’t affect you unless you change your money to fiat (normal currency). And just like we said, it is a double-edged sword, so you could also experience a price increase.

Untraceable Nature

By now, you should know that a method that provides this level of anonymity would be untraceable. And due to this nature, several hackers try to exploit unsuspecting individuals and steal their funds. Although it is very avoidable by sticking to the crypto casinos recommended here at Onlinecasinocrypto. Each of our choices has been subjected to thorough checks to assure every player’s security.


  • Cryptos accepted:

    Welcome Bonus

    150% Welcome Bonus



    Offering a generous welcome bonus offer, this is the fastest growing crypto casino site.


    • Anonymous (no registration needed)
    • Instant payments
    • Players from India Accepted
    • Generous free spins offer
    • Easy to navigate
    • Impressive selection of games
    • Modern and user-friendly design


    • Online since:2021
    • License:Curacao
    • Min deposit:10
    • Min withdraw:50


    • Bonus:150% + 60 Free Spins
    • Bonus (%):150
    • Free Spins:65
    • Wagering:x20
  • Cryptos accepted:

    Welcome Bonus




    Most popular UK Casino


    • Players from India Accepted
    • Impressive selection of games
    • Modern and user-friendly design


    • Online since:2005
    • License:MGA
    • Min deposit:50
    • Min withdraw:50


    • Bonus:150
    • Bonus (%):100
    • Free Spins:50
    • Wagering:x20

Criteria A Casino Must Pass Before We Consider Them

No doubt, the crypto space opens a whole new level of online gambling with its advanced payment operations which is impressive to several bettors, prompting them to seek Bitcoin platforms. But don’t let this excitement get the best of you, it is still essential to be extra careful when choosing a crypto website.

The problem here is the disastrous existence of several scam sites, proving to offer a reliable crypto gambling operation. After attracting players, they end up duping them of their hard-earned money. To avoid being a victim of these sites, we have recommendations for you. But what kind of checks do we subject these crypto casinos to? Check out our criteria.

Licensing and Regulations

Every legit gambling brand is registered by at least one legal gambling commission. As a result, these brands hold valid licenses to show they are registered under the commission. This is also the same for crypto casinos. And it implies that you can identify a good crypto casino by checking for its valid license.

One thing you can confirm from us is that all unlicensed casinos are illegal businesses and are not safe for online users. To legally pass a casino brand, gambling commissions directly go through the sort of games and services the casino offers. Even after this, they still do a regular check on the site to see for any inconsistencies and violations.

To find honest information about a crypto casino’s license, you can scroll to the bottom of the official site or visit the “about us” option. If you do not know any decent gambling licensure commission, here are some of the top licenses you should definitely consider;

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • Curacao Internet Gambling Association (CIGA)
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions go a long way in building wealthy players. Top crypto casinos know this and strive to provide their customers with the best bonuses and promotions.

From what we see, the advances of crypto casinos have made a massive development to the rewarding system of the gambling industry. And as lovely as this sounds, we still advise players to research further on what kind of bonus. We check the requirements with terms and conditions about using the bonus.

All casinos impose wagering requirements that you must follow to get winnings from a bonus. Yet, it is important that the casino offers friendly requirements, so players can easily play and win. Malicious casinos may use the scheme of providing huge bonuses and then leaving you confused with the bonus conditions. We consider these crypto casino bonuses individually to ensure that they are not imposing unrealistic requirements.

Gaming Portfolio

Once we confirm that the crypto casino is licensed and offers considerate bonuses, we also go ahead to rate the games’ quality. The casino must be able to provide a wide range of casino games, including varieties of slots, roulette, Baccarat, poker, live dealer games, and other games. More importantly, we prioritize casinos that allow you to play these games with your crypto assets.

Our best advice to players looking for an entertaining crypto casino is to focus on the quality of games in the casino’s portfolio. Rather than depending on the quantity, make sure the platform has a good number of popular casino games, including your favorites.

Mobile Accessibility

Due to the lack of proper software technology, many players cannot brag about enjoying the mobile gameplay at their respective casinos. You would be surprised by the number of bitcoin casinos that cannot guarantee bettors a smooth mobile gaming experience. When searching for the right online crypto casino to play games, we always watch out for the quality of mobile gameplay the site offers.

Crypto casinos should be equally good at offering services that work on various devices, like mobile phones, laptops, iPad, iOS, Android, Mac OS, etc. However, ensuring smooth gameplay without players facing mobile lags is a problem for some brands. So, it is vital that you search for crypto casinos with well-optimized mobile gameplay.

Even more interesting, we consider casinos with mobile apps. Since lots of high-profile gambling operators come with only Instant Play website services, considering a mobile app casino is just an extra advantage. With the help of these mobile platforms, you can easily log in to enjoy more extensive casino features.

Customer Reviews

You don’t just want to believe random site ads telling you the good of a casino site. If you don’t know, a few gambling brands pay other third-party social influencers to promote their services. To avoid falling into the traps of these paid liars, we also check customer’s reviews and feedback.

You could also do your checks but you should be extra careful in picking this feedback. Casinos also pay people to lie about their services. One way to be extra cautious is by cross-checking this feedback and focusing on the well-discussed ones. Many of these paid liars do not have the time to start describing their experience at a crypto casino they never played at.

To make a more relaxed decision, read lots of these customers’ comments and centralize your opinions before signing up at the casino.

Bonuses You Will Find At Crypto Casinos

Do crypto casinos offer bonuses? Of course, players should expect lots of bonuses and promotions at a good crypto Gambling brand. The welcome bonus offer is usually the first set of bonuses these brands first offer to new players as a way of welcoming them. This bonus also works the same way as the fiat-currency casino bonuses.

The only difference is that you will be able to play games using cryptocurrencies instead of real money. Like the standard currency casino, crypto casinos also offer a wide variety of other promotions, including free spins, cashback bonuses, deposit bonuses, etc. Knowing the kind of bonus you want to sign for is very important. That is why this section presents a simple description of crypto casino bonuses;

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are a popular type of bonus crypto casinos, and other casinos offer their players. It is usually a match percentage of your deposit at the site. With this bonus, you will be getting a fixed amount of crypto calculated from a percentage of your deposit. For example, if the casino offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to 1BTC, the casino will match your deposit up to 1 BTC Bonus.

Some of the best Bitcoin casinos offer a deposit bonus as a welcome offer. All new players get to receive the bonus along with free spins. In the form of a welcome bonus, you can expect an extension of your bonus to a few more deposits. Some of these brands allow you to benefit from the deposit bonus longer.

No-Deposit Bonuses

In contrast to the deposit bonus, the no-deposit bonus is a rare kind of bonus offered by top casinos, where players do not have to make any deposit before getting it. These bonuses are usually smaller but a little more reasonable since you do not have to make any form of financial agreement.

To claim this bonus at a crypto casino, all you need to do is open a new account and claim the deposit bonus. Simple, right? Top brands offer players this bonus as a way of thanking them for choosing their casinos.

Free Spins

Free spins are another form of bonus deal you will find at a crypto casino. It also comes along with the match deposit bonus to welcome new players. When offered in this manner, you will need to make an initial deposit to receive both the deposit bonus alongside the free spins.

With the free spins, you will be able to spin exclusive slot titles without using your coin. Thankfully, you can also get this thrilling bonus in the form of a non-deposit offer, where the casino gives it out without demanding any deposit.

VIP/Loyalty Rewards

Prepare to enjoy exceptional gambling entertainment with some of the best crypto loyalty rewards. These brands offer players the option to join a loyalty/VIP program with multiple status levels. In this program, you will get many amazing rewards as you advance from one status level to another.

These rewards are often packed with exclusive rewards, including birthday gifts, no-deposit bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, cashback, and adjustable RTP on some slots. The program is a standard package for high-rollers ready to wager massive amounts and receive exclusive treatments with the best gambling entertainment.

No-Wagering Bonuses

One thing to note about casino bonuses is the wagering requirements these casinos mandate players to follow. The wagering requirements usually ask players to complete a certain number of bets before they can clear their bonus winnings. While some brands provide hard-to-beat wagering requirements, reasonable brands provide simple ones.

A few top-class crypto casinos go to the extreme to offer players no-wagering deals. Here, you can claim all your bonus winnings without fulfilling any requirements. Alongside the no-deposit bonus, the no-wagering promotion is the best kind of crypto casino bonus you can get on the internet.

Cashback Bonuses

For quite a while now, fiat-currency casinos have normalized offering cashback offers. Gambling is undoubtedly a pretty risky venture. Casinos know this and try their best to assist their customers in making enough profits. One way these brands help is through cashback offers.

Not surprisingly, cryptocurrency platforms are already offering this kind of bonus to help their players. These platforms are getting quite the recognition they deserve. The cashback offer gives every bettor a chance to reclaim a percentage of losses they incurred within a period.

Reload Bonuses

The reload bonus is another mouth-watering deal to try at a Bitcoin gambling site. The name implies that you will be getting a reload on your deposits. Reload bitcoin casino bonuses allow you to play casino games from reloads of your former deposits.

In short, you can claim a good percentage of your coin deposits back as rewards at the casino.

Casinos with Faucet

Can you believe some crypto casinos give out free cryptocurrencies as gifts? These casinos offer faucet bonuses, where players regularly receive free cryptocurrencies. Most of the time, this bonus is awarded after players complete a particular task or win a competition. Either way, you will be able to claim free BTC, which is also requirement-free.

Games Available at Crypto Casinos

What kinds of games are available at crypto casinos? Literally, all kinds of casino games will be available for play at any crypto casino. At some of the best sites, you will have access to an even more extensive range of gambling entertainment. More importantly, you get to play premium titles from the industry’s leading software developer.


Slots are the most famous gambling game, with some of the highest-paying entertainment at any casino. At top crypto casinos, you will find a good number of slot titles designed by expert software developers. These include lots of classic and video slot titles, as well as 3D animated themes with high-paying opportunities. If you are ready to bag thousands of profits, you can also try the jackpot slot titles at crypto casinos.

Table Games

If you are already a fan of table games at a regular casino, prepare to enjoy more thrilling table games at crypto gambling brands. Here you can play traditional table games via a compatible RNG screen. These include classic table games, from blackjack to roulette, baccarat, poker, craps, and even a better display of video poker.

Live Dealer Games

Missed the real-time experience of a standard physical casino? Watch and enjoy how crypto gambling operators bring this experience back to life via a video stream. You get to enjoy a more realistic gambling experience from award-winning developers from around the world. Their games also include a good number of big game titles, including table games, card games, dice, money wheel games, VIP tables, and many more.

Other Casino Games

Besides the mentioned casino games, there is also a comprehensive list of other casino games you can play at a crypto gambling site. Are you a fan of the Lottery? Prepare to find engaging Lottery titles for real money. You will also find casual casino games like scratch cards, Bingo, Keno, Dice, as well as Sports Betting.

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What You Should Consider When Choosing A Crypto Casino

The successful introduction of technology to gambling has evolved into a better option, where players can even use crypto assets to play casino games. These assets promise online gamblers some of the safest and fastest ways to make payments and gamble online. As good as this sounds, these digital platforms come with their disadvantages.

One of the downsides is the bulky number of casinos now screaming to offer crypto services. Many of these sites are truly trustworthy, while some do not present good qualities. In order to choose only the best Crypto brand, here are some factors you should consider;

Licensing and Regulations

First, you need to consider the kind of license the casino operates with. Many reliable crypto brands have valid licenses that show they can freely offer their services to willing players. Stay far away from unlicensed brands and focus your search on only licensed ones.

To aim better, ensure the licenses are from reputable gambling licensing boards, including MGA, UKGC, and others. Several indecent licensing boards are on the rise, so it is better for you to confirm the kind of license your preferred casino works with. Playing at a licensed crypto casino assures you of a more secure and reliable gambling experience.

Variety of Games

It is also important to consider the variety of game options before you choose a casino. Thankfully, online brands that accept cryptocurrencies allow players to access various game options. These include all kinds of slot titles, real-money table games, bingo, craps, poker, dice, live dealer option, etc.

The only problem with the “plenty of game variety” is that players cannot use their assets to play certain games. Not all casino games will be available for you to use cryptocurrency to play. On the better side, you can easily convert your cryptocurrency to standard currency and use it to play those unavailable games.

If you are a sports betting fan, you might want to check the gaming section at the casino to ensure that they have sports betting markets. Live dealer gamers might also need to do some research to find out the sort of live dealer entertainment on the platform. All you have to do is enter the casino’s official page and confirm if your choice of games is available in the gaming section.

Good bonuses and Promotions

Are you ready to start receiving some of the biggest gambling bonuses? The crypto casino environment is the right place for you. At the same time, it is vital that players go through the terms and conditions of the casino to confirm how easy it is to get all their bonus winnings.

Wagering requirements are placed at every crypto casino, telling gamblers a particular number of times to wager a bonus to clear the bonus winnings. While some casinos offer less-stringent wagering requirements, a few provide onerous requirements. By considering researching the crypto casino’s promotion page, you will be able to identify the hard bonuses and go for the less-stringent bonuses.

Mobile Accessibility

It is common for crypto gambling operators to offer Instant Play or Mobile app platforms. Some of the classiest brands offer these two modes of mobile play. In detail, casinos that work with the Instant Play mode allow customers to enjoy their services via a web browser. In contrast, the mobile app requires players to download additional software to access the services.

These two options are excellent choices for players ready to exploit the crypto gambling environment for profit. So, it is important that you go and verify the sort of mobile gameplay the platform offers. Ensure it works smoothly and perfectly without lags. You don’t want to be in the middle of a real-money game while the app or website lags.

Banking Operations

Another factor to consider is the quality and kind of banking operations the casino operates with. Some of these platforms may allow you to deposit in multiple cryptocurrencies and limit your withdrawal options to only a few. Therefore, it is important that you research through the casino’s banking mechanism to find out if it is suitable for you.

Indeed, cryptocurrency payments are processed at a faster and cheaper rate compared to other standard currencies. However, some of these digital brands come with slower banking operations that might slow down the speedy response of the crypto asset. To avoid playing at such casinos, you should consider checking customers’ reviews about the casino.

Customer Support

While gambling with your crypto coin, you might experience difficulty claiming bonuses or withdrawing. With the help of a responsive and fast customer support service, you can send messages to the casino and get solutions to your problems. Only the best crypto gambling brands offer the sort of customer support service we just described.

Therefore, it is crucial to check out the quality of customer service at the crypto casino. You can check this out by visiting the casino’s page and randomly complaining about any gambling-related issue. The speed and quality of the response should give you enough details.

How Can You Protect Yourself In Crypto Casinos?

Crypto casinos will always do their best to protect you but it does not mean you should be careless in your endeavors. No matter how much a bitcoin casino protects you, if you don’t complement it, skilled hackers may get the best of you. So here are ways you can complement your casino’s work.

Set Unique Passwords

Although this may sound very trivial, to survive in the gambling industry, you need to up your password game. By all means, avoid passwords like your pet name or date of birth; such details are easily gotten by those with malicious intent. If possible, generate a unique password from a password generator and tweak it further. Be sure to include alphabets, numbers, and special characters to make it unguessable.

A good habit would also be to change your password at intervals—could be 3 to 4 months, depending on you. That way, even if it gets compromised one way or the other, you will always be one step ahead. Alternatively, you can use a system like google password manager that generates random passwords for you when signing up.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) means setting a double lock on your account. On a normal day, when you input your username and password, you have full access to your crypto gambling account. But with 2FA, after inputting your password, you will need to do an extra level of verification with either your number or email.

So it means that if you don’t have access to your phone or email address, you cannot access your account. So in any case, if another person unsolicitedly gets your crypto casino account details, they will need to input an OTP for 2FA—which they should not have access to.

Use Only Reputable Exchanges And Storage

Just like crypto casinos, some exchanges are good, while others are not good enough. Don’t settle for the latter. Your account could also get compromised through your crypto exchanges so be very careful. By all means, avoid exchanging your crypto with a third party, no matter how good the rate sounds.

And for your storage, although cold storage and hardware wallets may seem outdated, their safety and security levels are unmatchable. But not many know how to use them effectively. So what we advise players to do is to keep their less important funds in their cold storage while the others can stay in an online wallet.

Avoid Suspicious Links

One way hackers use to tap into customer accounts when other methods are ineffective is through links. These links may appear harmless, and they could be even something you are interested in. But once you click it, they gain a decent level of access to your computer. Then they can go ahead and steal as many details as possible.

So if you find strange emails that you never subscribed to, or from weird recipients, and they contain suspicious links, don’t click them. Instead, delete the email immediately.

Most Popular Cryptocurrencies In Crypto Casinos

To start playing at a crypto casino, you need to make your deposits with cryptocurrencies the casino supports. Some of these digital operators support multiple currencies, while others accept a few. For the most part, here are some popular cryptocurrencies that almost every one of these brands allows its players to use:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto for online gambling, with one of the safest, most reliable, and most anonymous banking operations. It is not affiliated with any government or bank agency, so players deposit and withdraw through the safest means possible. As expected of crypto options, Bitcoin promises swift payments without any middleman involved.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is another famous crypto that takes precedence after BTC. Many gambling sites accept the use of ETH for its fast and highly-responsive banking transactions. Surprisingly, it promises more immediate deposits than other cryptocurrencies, including BTC. In addition, it follows other crypto coins in charging minimal fees for withdrawing and depositing at a casino.

Litecoin (LTC)

Like other coins, the famous LTC, also known as altcoin, offers some of the fastest and cheapest banking operations. Besides that, gambling with Litecoin at a reliable crypto casino guarantees security and anonymity. Also, it is important to note the very excellent services of LTC and its minimal transactional charges.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Another popular crypto coin is Dogecoin (with the logo of the Shiba Inu dog). It was recently introduced in 2021 as a humorous alternative to more sophisticated currencies. Like other crypto coins, it is fast and cheap and promises gamblers an anonymous gambling experience.

Bitcoin Cash

As a verified outgrowth payment system from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash was brought into the gambling environment to fulfill the shortcomings of BTC. It was designed to mainly cover the slower transaction period and less-friendly services of Bitcoin payments.

Crypto Gambling Wallets

Since cryptocurrency has no central authority controlling it, you also have the responsibility of keeping them safe. While some may question the need for us to prioritize crypto wallets, we must remind you that there is nothing like crypto refunds or trackbacks. If you lose your money unintentionally in the bank, it is possible to process some form of refund since it is traceable. But with crypto, that is impossible.

So your crypto wallet must be a safe and trusted one. That is where you will send money from when making deposits into your bitcoin casinos, and also when making withdrawals.

These wallets come in different forms and also from different brands, leaving a lot of people confused about which one to use. As you read on, we will present some of the top cryptocurrency wallets you can use with peace of mind.

Classifications of Crypto Wallets

Crypto wallets come in two types namely cold storage wallets and online wallets. Let us consider both of them briefly.

Cold Storage Wallets

Another name for these types of wallets is hardware wallets. And from the name, you can guess that it is something physical. It is more like a small drive that serves as a crypto wallet.

Cold storage wallets are classified as the most secure because they are not constantly connected to the internet. The moment you unplug the drive from your computer, it is disconnected from the world wide web. And in turn, no hacker can have access to it, So each time you need to use the storage, you need to plug it into a computer. But be careful only to use it with your personal computer as hackers can gain access to it if you carelessly plug it into an infected computer.

Online Wallets

Online wallets are what most people are more familiar with; they are your regular downloadable wallet that is always connected to the internet. And while the respective storage providers set up several extensive security measures, it is still incomparable to cold storage wallets that could be totally disconnected from the internet.

The major advantage of online wallets is that you can use them for day-to-day transactions as they are very easily accessible. All you need to do is download the app and register your account. So henceforth, when you need it, you log in and process your transactions—it’s that easy.

Top Online Wallets For Crypto Gambling

If you were to do a quick search of the number of crypto wallets in existence, it will be in the hundreds. That is so many to choose from and several people find it overwhelming. So to save you the stress of jumping from one to another, we are going to provide you with some of the industry-leading crypto wallets.


Coinbase is a giant in the industry so if you are always after the bigger names, this is going to be the obvious choice. While most crypto wallets are only for storage, coinbase doesn’t only store your bitcoin or other cryptos. Instead, you can also buy it directly from them. Not many wallets can boast of allowing customers to buy and store on the same platform.

Coinbase allows the storage of several coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more and their wallets also support tokens. So if you are an NFT fan, coinbase is also a good storage choice.

Although coinbase is not a cold storage, it boasts of security levels that are as strong as that of cold storage. And most importantly, the platform is very beginner-friendly. If you have never used crypto before, you won’t have a hard time figuring your way around coinbase—that is the beauty of the platform.

Once you are ready, you can sign up through the desktop or mobile website, or better still, the mobile app. Before you can get full access to your account, you will need to pass the verification.


Electrum is an online storage that prioritizes the safety of its customers to a great extent. This crypto wallet has been around for a while and it does not look like it is going well anytime soon.

This popular wallet offers secure two-factor authentication and also cold storage for those that are interested. And even with its extensive security measures, Electrum is well-known for giving customers a great level of control over their wallets.

Although some may dispute that Electrum is not comparable to the likes of coinbase, we believe it has its place because it bridges the gap between hardware and online wallets. In our opinion, this crypto wallet is best for those that don’t do a high level of transactions—just store, withdraw, and deposit when needed.

Blockstream Green

If you feel like exchanges with multiple coins, tokens, and cryptocurrencies are too distracting for you then you should check out Blockstream Green. This wallet doesn’t cover many cryptocurrencies—only major ones like bitcoin and USDT.

Blockstream Green is a very modern wallet that prioritizes recent technological safety measures like two-factor authentication and multi-sig. It is equally user-friendly and we don’t believe you will have any problem with processing your transactions on the platform. They also have a modern mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android devices.


Kraken is an exchange that also provides secure wallet services to interested crypto gamblers and its major highlight is easy accessibility and security. The developers also did a great job in making the app visually pleasing to visitors and a good service to complement. If you are interested in using this storage, you will find the app on the google play store or apple app store. Or better still, use the web version.

Mobile Crypto Casinos

Gone are those days you need to visit a traditional venue to enjoy real-money casino games. Our improved technological world has made everything easier so that you can gamble for real money right from the comfort of a smartphone or tablet. With a good internet connection, crypto casino games can also be accessed from any device.

In addition, crypto gambling brands use highly-sophisticated technology to make their services accessible via web browsers or extensively via a mobile app. Through the web browser mode, you can play real-money games without downloading additional software. All you have to do is enter the casino’s website and log into your account.

Extensively, you will find larger crypto gambling operators with mobile apps. This will require you to download the app directly from their site or an online store. Here, you will get better gameplay with more transparent and wider screens. More interestingly, games will feature lesser lag and smoother video streams and audio.

Benefits of Mobile Crypto Gambling

Mobile crypto gambling is one of the best online experiences you will get from the internet. It comes with many unique benefits other banking options cannot ever meet. Here is a full view of the fantastic benefits you will be getting with crypto gambling;

Fast Payments

Cryptocurrency payments are fast and reliable. You will be able to get all your payments processed within an hour. This is a one-of-a-kind feature you will never find with other standard currencies.

Top-level Security

Thanks to the help of the Blockchain industry, crypto payments assure online gamblers zero risk of identity theft. All your personal and financial information is secure and safe at a licensed crypto gambling brand.

Privacy and Anonymity

All banking transactions at a crypto platform are kept private and uniquely confidential. No one else will be able to view your personal information or your crypto wallet identity. However, records of your transaction will be recorded but will never appear on your bank statements.

Little Transaction Fees

Crypto gambling promises zero or very minimal transaction fees on all your deposits and withdrawals.


The decentralization of the crypto markets is the most beneficial feature of a crypto casino brand. The market does not have any affiliation with the government or bank agencies that may want to monitor you, so you are free to deposit and play crypto casino games.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wallet For Mobile Crypto Gambling

We will never advise you to blindly choose a crypto wallet; in fact, we prefer that you do a thorough check. But what should you check for? Allow us to show you.

Accessibility and Ease Of Use

One thing about mobile crypto gamblers is that they have a stronger preference for mobile apps over website variants. So a very important factor is for the wallet to have a functional app that replicates everything you can do on the website. One major shortcoming of exchanges is that their apps don’t match up to their websites so customers still need to visit the website for one or two things. If that is the case, what is the point of the app?

So availability of a mobile app promotes accessibility. All you need to do is pick up your phone and open the app—no need to go through the long process of booting up the website on your browser.

And if the app is accessible, it must be very easy to use. Imagine downloading an app that you need a full–course tutorial to figure out. While some people are fine with that, it isn’t worth it in our books. The developers can make these apps easier to use so what is the point of the unnecessary complexities?

We are very meticulous about the overall interface of crypto wallets because of the possibility of errors. If you send crypto to the wrong address because of an unusable platform then you have yourself to blame. So it is best to avoid it beforehand.

Security Layers

We use the phrase ‘layers’ here because the level of security you need on your mobile app should be more—it should be in different layers. The reason for this is that your phone could be stolen. Or it could be accessed by people you know that could have malicious intent. Imagine having someone transfer some of your crypto from your wallet. You couldn’t possibly know the person because it is not traceable.

So we believe the security should start from password settings on your phone. Then it should move onto the password of the crypto storage. After that, the app should support other methods like biometrics or fingerprint systems—meaning that no one can access it without your physical presence.

The app should also support extra features like multi-sig. That way, it will require more than one key to gain full access to the storage. Most importantly, they can cap it with two-factor authentication that requires OTP from either your phone or mail.

You may consider these security layers as a bit too much but we don’t see it that way. It is necessary because If fraudulent individuals can access your wallet, they will get away with your coins without leaving any trackable trace.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Some wallets support several cryptocurrencies and coins while others specialize in a few (some support only one). In our books, there are two ways to consider this. If you are a gambler that constantly switches between cryptocurrencies for whatever reason, it is best to stick with wallets that offer multiple ones. That way, you can make all conversions and transactions within the mobile platform—it will reduce fees and also make things easier for you.

But if you are certain that you only use one crypto and you don’t believe you will switch anytime soon, look for one that specializes in that crypto. For example, if you prefer and deal with only bitcoin, it is best to find a bitcoin exchange.

Those that specialize in one crypto can channel their services into that one and provide the best. So, for that reason, we believe a bitcoin wallet is more likely to be better than a general wallet that offers bitcoin as one of many cryptos—although there could be exceptions.


First of all, storing your wallet in the mobile crypto wallet should be at no cost. So if your wallet provider is already charging you for storage, you should begin to look for alternatives. Fees should only come into the picture when you are making transactions.

And although storages should make extra money from these fees, some of them take it overboard. We don’t see any reason why they should charge you exuberant fees. So before you transfer all your major cryptos into the wallet, consider test-running it with a small amount to confirm that they don’t over-charge you.

Purchasing Cryptocurrencies For Crypto Gambling

Before you can start playing on crypto casinos, you need crypto itself as casinos don’t like to involve themselves in the direct buying and selling of coins. So it is your responsibility to find a legit exchange. An exchange is your surest crypto provider but it has to be one you trust. This is very important because they will do the conversions for you and from experience, it is quite easy to cheat customers during conversions.

However, all exchanges are not the same. And with that, there are so many of them that could leave you confused. We will guide you on how to choose a favorable exchange.

How To Spot Legit Exchanges

It doesn’t take much to spot legit exchanges but most people are not sensitive to red flags. Read on and find out how to spot the green lights.


One thing that keeps repeating itself is this security factor. We don’t intend to scare you but it is the most important. When dealing with crypto which is also real money, you need to be sure that your coins are in safe hands. So your questions should be – how do they store their crypto? Do they give withdrawal confirmations? Are there security measures like two-factor authentication? If an exchange is not able to answer these questions comfortably, then you should consider a replacement.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

We never take customer reviews and feedback for granted and we don’t think you should. It is the perfect avenue to know how users rate the platform and what they really think about it. And although feedback cannot be 100% positive or negative, you can always gauge the general sentiments from the overall results.

Most importantly, you also need review sites that give genuine and organic reviews and feedback because it is not uncommon to see fake sites that mislead unsuspecting individuals.


Every online identity has a reputation and that includes every bitcoin and crypto exchange. However, reputations vary; they could be good or bad. Everyone wants the former but everyone is careful enough so they end up with the latter.

Apart from reviews, another way to gauge reputation is years of activity in the industry. Frankly speaking, we will prioritize an old exchange over a relatively new one. So in short, newer brands have a lot more to prove to potential customers.

Verification Process

Imagine a crypto exchange that supposedly deals with small and large units of crypto, but you did not do any form of verification. That is very fishy in our books because we believe new sign-ups should be subject to the appropriate KYC registration processes. That way, you will be sure that the exchange is not set up as a money laundering business.

Depositing and Withdrawing From Crypto Casinos

After acquiring your preferred crypto, the next step is to deposit so that you can start playing. We will review a generic step-by-step process on how to deposit and withdraw coins from your crypto casino account.

Making Deposits

  1. Log into your crypto casino and scale through the security barriers
  2. Head to the payment or cashier section
  3. Locate the deposit button
  4. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency
  5. Your crypto casino should show you a wallet address that you can copy or a QR code. This address or code is unique to your account and that is how you will fund it.
  6. Copy the address or scan the QR code
  7. Log into your crypto wallet and locate the send button
  8. Specify how much you will like to send and paste the previously copied address into the destination wallet
  9. Click on send and your transfer should start processing immediately

Most bitcoin casinos have instant deposits so you should get into your casino account almost immediately. And if the crypto casino offers deposit bonuses for first-timers, you should be eligible and the bonus should be automatically credited into your account.

Once the coins reflect in your balance, you should be able to start playing immediately. As you make profits, it will be added straight to your balance.

Making Withdrawals

Withdrawing your crypto casino winnings is just as easy as depositing. Follow the following steps to carry on with the process.

  • Log into your crypto casino and locate the cashier section
  • In the cashier or payment section, click withdraw
  • On the next page, specify the coin you will like to withdraw alongside the amount
  • Then log into your preferred storage and locate your wallet address
  • Paste the address into the recipient field in your bitcoin or crypto casino
  • Hit the withdraw button

Unlike deposits, withdrawals are not instant as they may need a few hours for confirmations. But be rest assured that it won’t take days or weeks like other payment methods.

Putting It All Together

So by now, you should be convinced that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legit, and so are their casinos. These coins are arguably the fastest and one of the best ways you can transact on your online casinos.

This guide comes from experienced crypto gamblers with years under their belt and this is assuredly the best you can find around. We poured our experience into writing and our results are at your fingertips now. The ball is in your court and now is the time to put it to test.

Be sure to also check out our different bonuses and reviews to guide you in making choices. At onlinecasinocrypto, we truly care about you and this is the best way to show our love.


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